Mermaids Magical Party Favor Bundle for 12


Mermaids Magical Party Favor

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12-Mermaid Scale Rubber Bracelets 2 ½” Diam One size fits most Raised mermaid scale pattern Made of rubber
12-Mermaid Paper Bags 9 7/8″ T x 5″ W x 3 3/8″ D Made of paper
12-Mermaid Tail Rubber Keychains 2 1/2″ L. Charm Made of rubber 3 assorted colors
12-Mermaid Tail Rubber Rings 1 1/2″ L. Tail One size fits most Made of Rubber
36- MERMAID TATTOO2″ Paper 1-100-Pc Mermaid Glitter Stickers 1 1/2″ Diam 100 stickers per roll 6 assorted designs

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