Jumbo Tombstone and Zombie Cutouts


Jumbo Tombstone and Zombie Cutouts

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Don’t let a little zombie scare you! Use this Jumbo Tombstone and Zombie Cutouts for a Halloween Party or Haunted House scene. You’ll receive one Tombstone and one Zombie. Both are printed on card stock material. The grave measures twenty-four inches tall by sixteen inches wide. The zombie scene measures nineteen inches wide by twenty-five inches tall. The tombstone has cracks and green vines growing around it, with tall grass growing at the base of the gray tombstone. The letters R.I.P. are at the top of the tombstone. The Zombie scene is a little more disgusting. His skin seems to be deteriorating. His fingernails are dirty, cracking, and just plain nasty! He doesn’t have a nose, but a worm is coming out the hole where his nose should be. He does seem to have all of his teeth. Spiders and bugs are crawling out of his crevices like at the top of his head, a fingernail or where he doesn’t have a finger. There is a full moon behind the zombie, with purple sky and stars. You can use the Jumbo Tombstone and Zombie together or you can use them separate. Each item is printed on two sides.

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